Original Art Inked Over Pencils vs Blue Lines. I Don’t See a Difference

I’ve been buying and collecting original comic book art for almost 20 years now. While the process used to create that art has changed considerably during that time, apparently the mindset of many collectors in this hobby haven’t changed with the times. It’s a mindset built on semantics and narrow definitions that is steadily becoming…Read moreRead more

In Memoriam of Henry Huie, or How I Learned About Collecting Comic Art

(Originally I was going to post this yesterday, but didn’t want anyone to think this had anything to do with April Fool’s Day) A year ago today, I got a text message from my Mom saying that my friend Henry Huie had died. Before I responded back, I had some googling to do and see…Read moreRead more

Hello world! again!

I’ve decided to reboot my website and blog and start it all over. I plan to write more often and about more topics than I did before. I’ve avoided politics and religion in the past, but not if I feel the urge to vent, rant, or rage on any topic, I will. My main areas…Read moreRead more